I aspire to become someone that leaves a tremendous footprint in history. I hope for this footprint to be so massive that children everywhere can’t help but follow behind them. As a student, peer, and athlete, I wish for the positivity that I bring to spread, and trickle down to those who have no hope.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Oh snap...It's Relationship Time!

I love you,
Oh yes I do,
That is what they say.

They kiss and hug,
They look quite snug,
Then break-up in a day.

She's so distraught,
Oh how she thought,
Their love was meant to last.

But oh my dear,
Did you here,
This pain will surely pass.

Yes, he's gone,
And moved on,
But you will be just fine

That wasn't the love,
That you heard of,
It will make more sense in time.

So show that smile,
That has been gone awhile,
And know you'll be okay.

Because you're young, 
Just have some fun,
You'll find true love someday!

Now...I know what you are thinking! "Pshh so not true! Me and (insert name here) have been dating for more than 6 months! We are so official, and I REALLY love him and he REALLY loves me!" Now, I am not here to burst your beautifully made bubble, but most high school relationships are frivolous. I said MOST not ALL, yes there are a few that are truly genuine, but the majority are just coated with curiosity and hormones. Take it from me--a certified 100% all natural teenager--love at this age is not real. I see it all the time! 'He told me he loved me,' or 'I thought he was the one' echo through the girls' bathrooms like a tall-tale legend. And, what usually happens? This girl gets labeled a slut, that girl's inappropriate pictures circulate the school, or that girl gets pregnant. Now, does this happen all the time? No. But, we've all seen, or heard about what "that girl" has done. My advice, focus on what truly matters at this age! If you happen to get into a relationship, enjoy that also, but don't let it taint your judgement of right and wrong. You should never allow someone to have complete control of your actions, emotions, or health. If you feel like the relationship isn't worth the stress LET IT GO (cue the chorus of Frozen). Enjoy the company of your friends, work on doing well in school, and have FUN! Live your teenage life, because at the end of the day you can never relive yesterday. 

What is your worst break-up story? 

Oh snap...The Hunger is Real!

Grumble grumble,
Rumble rumble,
Hear my tummy cry.

I drop my head,
I'm turning red,
I feel like I could die.

This sound is loud,
I've drawn a crowd,
Look at how they stare.

The sound won't halt,
It's not my fault,
My tummy is in despair.

I'm in distress
The noise is getting louder.

Lunch come soon,
I'm surely doomed,
I can't take this any longer!

If you are in high school...you KNOW this struggle. It's the middle of 4th period, you are starving, and it feels as if lunch is ten thousand hours away. You beg and plead your teacher for a snack, but there is always that one teacher who is what I like to call "The Overdo-er". These are the teachers that will cut your tongue out if you chew gum, and scream at you if your drink is something other than water (like come on I am 16 I can drink a gatorade without spilling it on your floor)! So as you wait, for what feels like an eternity, starving you become desperate. As soon as the bell rings you rush to the cafeteria and grab the worst plate of sloppy joe, or should I say mystery meat. And, if you are REALLY desperate you succumb to the temptations of the vending machine! If this sounds like you I am here to help! 
   Click on this link to find tons of quick and easy recipes that you could make for lunch. Please comment any recipes that you have tried and either enjoyed or hated. My stomach and my readers will definitely thank you!

Oh snap...It's Time to Get Serious.

Beware behold that girl who sits right there,
Look at her and what is it that you see,
She knows, she has noticed you do not care,
For you ignore the pain she is showing,
She walks you whisper as she passes by,
She sits in silence with her guard drawn up,
But you still taunt and tease and spread your lies,
But that girl over there has had enough,
Do you care, do you mind…no not at all,
You just laugh not caring about her pain,
For she’s just another girl in the hall,
A constant struggle she lived everyday,
But when you have realized what you have done,
The pain had been to much…now she is gone.

  Bullying. We've all been there. At least once in our lives we have either been the victim, the bystander, or the perpetrator. I couldn't begin to tell you how many times I have found myself in a situation involving bullying. Sometimes you feel lost, sometimes you feel broken, but most of the time you feel lonely. Who do you run to? Who do you cry out to? How do you let others know that you are hurting? You tell yourself everything will be fine, but eventually you can't take anymore. You get so lost in your head that you eventually begin to believe the rumors. You start to tell yourself that all of the lies are true. And you begin to feel as if you are at fault.  But, I am here to tell you you are NEVER as alone as you may feel. You are NOT the one to blame. And most importantly, your LIFE matters! 
    Kids are cruel. That is an inevitable fact; but we are not just cruel to others, but to ourselves as well. We spend countless hours staring at the mirror, wondering if our body is "perfect". We stare at our phones hoping someone "likes" our Instagram pictures. And for what? For others' approval? Why? Why do we so eagerly crave the approvals of others? Why can't we believe in ourselves? Believe in our own beauty? Tune out the haters! Walk to the beat of your own drum! And most importantly LOVE YOU FOR YOU!
    I am here to say that regardless of who you are or where you have been, I love you! And, no I am not just sitting here typing away pretending to understand. I am not going to pretend to be perfect either, because I am not. I have been on all three sides of the bullying spectrum, and I will absolutely admit that. Yes, I have been teased. Yes, I have teased others. And, yes I have watched someone be teased and said nothing. Why? Because of fear. I feared standing up for myself, so I just laughed when I felt broken inside. I feared others would see my pain, so I lashed out, hoping I could release that pain by putting it on others. And I've feared becoming the new victim so I've sat in silence. Am I proud of any of it...Of course not! However, it has provided me with wisdom. It's because of my experiences, that I have the outlook on life that I have now. And that's why I can say I get it...and I'm here to help. Use your experiences to help foster positive growth. We make mistakes, we are human, but we can always turn these mistakes into learning experiences. 
    Whether you are the victim, the bully, or the bystander, know you can make a change for the better. Stand up for yourself, seek help, and always try to put yourself in the other person's shoes. Because everyone is facing an uphill battle, that is hidden from their neighbor.

My Contact Info (if you just want someone to listen, understand, or help you. I am always here): alexia.dubreuze@mynbps.org

Everyone has a story. Everyone has a battle they are fighting. Everyone has been there. What is your story?

Friday, May 8, 2015

Oh snap...It's History!

You know that moment when history is made,
We all have those moments stored away,
But, mine happens to be in my closet.

It hangs beside some coats and shirts,
And quietly holds a memory,
Of when the field was just a game,
Of when I was only dreaming.

Dreaming of the day I would own the field,
With the ball at my feet,
No longer a kid but the real deal,
The girl who makes history.

I keep this memory to remember,
That little girl with a dream,
With my special blue jersey.

Given to me when I was young,
I would never know its value,
Until that point in my life was done, 
And I moved on to something new.

That special blue jersey,
The first jersey I've ever worn,
Will forever remind me,
Of when the real Lexi was born.

That special blue jersey,
Means the world to me,
For it reminds me of who I was,
And who I aspire to be.

Eight years have gone by,
But the memories still remain,
Bringing back the good ol' times,
As it hangs in my closet to this day.

I've evolved and grown,
To tremendous heights,
But I've always known,
What's hangs in my closet at night.

What hides deep within your closet?