I aspire to become someone that leaves a tremendous footprint in history. I hope for this footprint to be so massive that children everywhere can’t help but follow behind them. As a student, peer, and athlete, I wish for the positivity that I bring to spread, and trickle down to those who have no hope.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Oh snap...It's History!

You know that moment when history is made,
We all have those moments stored away,
But, mine happens to be in my closet.

It hangs beside some coats and shirts,
And quietly holds a memory,
Of when the field was just a game,
Of when I was only dreaming.

Dreaming of the day I would own the field,
With the ball at my feet,
No longer a kid but the real deal,
The girl who makes history.

I keep this memory to remember,
That little girl with a dream,
With my special blue jersey.

Given to me when I was young,
I would never know its value,
Until that point in my life was done, 
And I moved on to something new.

That special blue jersey,
The first jersey I've ever worn,
Will forever remind me,
Of when the real Lexi was born.

That special blue jersey,
Means the world to me,
For it reminds me of who I was,
And who I aspire to be.

Eight years have gone by,
But the memories still remain,
Bringing back the good ol' times,
As it hangs in my closet to this day.

I've evolved and grown,
To tremendous heights,
But I've always known,
What's hangs in my closet at night.

What hides deep within your closet?

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