I aspire to become someone that leaves a tremendous footprint in history. I hope for this footprint to be so massive that children everywhere can’t help but follow behind them. As a student, peer, and athlete, I wish for the positivity that I bring to spread, and trickle down to those who have no hope.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Oh snap...It's Relationship Time!

I love you,
Oh yes I do,
That is what they say.

They kiss and hug,
They look quite snug,
Then break-up in a day.

She's so distraught,
Oh how she thought,
Their love was meant to last.

But oh my dear,
Did you here,
This pain will surely pass.

Yes, he's gone,
And moved on,
But you will be just fine

That wasn't the love,
That you heard of,
It will make more sense in time.

So show that smile,
That has been gone awhile,
And know you'll be okay.

Because you're young, 
Just have some fun,
You'll find true love someday!

Now...I know what you are thinking! "Pshh so not true! Me and (insert name here) have been dating for more than 6 months! We are so official, and I REALLY love him and he REALLY loves me!" Now, I am not here to burst your beautifully made bubble, but most high school relationships are frivolous. I said MOST not ALL, yes there are a few that are truly genuine, but the majority are just coated with curiosity and hormones. Take it from me--a certified 100% all natural teenager--love at this age is not real. I see it all the time! 'He told me he loved me,' or 'I thought he was the one' echo through the girls' bathrooms like a tall-tale legend. And, what usually happens? This girl gets labeled a slut, that girl's inappropriate pictures circulate the school, or that girl gets pregnant. Now, does this happen all the time? No. But, we've all seen, or heard about what "that girl" has done. My advice, focus on what truly matters at this age! If you happen to get into a relationship, enjoy that also, but don't let it taint your judgement of right and wrong. You should never allow someone to have complete control of your actions, emotions, or health. If you feel like the relationship isn't worth the stress LET IT GO (cue the chorus of Frozen). Enjoy the company of your friends, work on doing well in school, and have FUN! Live your teenage life, because at the end of the day you can never relive yesterday. 

What is your worst break-up story? 

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