I aspire to become someone that leaves a tremendous footprint in history. I hope for this footprint to be so massive that children everywhere can’t help but follow behind them. As a student, peer, and athlete, I wish for the positivity that I bring to spread, and trickle down to those who have no hope.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Oh snap...The Hunger is Real!

Grumble grumble,
Rumble rumble,
Hear my tummy cry.

I drop my head,
I'm turning red,
I feel like I could die.

This sound is loud,
I've drawn a crowd,
Look at how they stare.

The sound won't halt,
It's not my fault,
My tummy is in despair.

I'm in distress
The noise is getting louder.

Lunch come soon,
I'm surely doomed,
I can't take this any longer!

If you are in high school...you KNOW this struggle. It's the middle of 4th period, you are starving, and it feels as if lunch is ten thousand hours away. You beg and plead your teacher for a snack, but there is always that one teacher who is what I like to call "The Overdo-er". These are the teachers that will cut your tongue out if you chew gum, and scream at you if your drink is something other than water (like come on I am 16 I can drink a gatorade without spilling it on your floor)! So as you wait, for what feels like an eternity, starving you become desperate. As soon as the bell rings you rush to the cafeteria and grab the worst plate of sloppy joe, or should I say mystery meat. And, if you are REALLY desperate you succumb to the temptations of the vending machine! If this sounds like you I am here to help! 
   Click on this link to find tons of quick and easy recipes that you could make for lunch. Please comment any recipes that you have tried and either enjoyed or hated. My stomach and my readers will definitely thank you!

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